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Teacher Supports and Coaching

One key to PowerTeaching Math’s success is the in-depth professional development provided by the SFAF coaches designed to support teachers' daily implementation.


Program Introduction
The two-day initial training prepares teachers to implement PowerTeaching Math.
The training focuses on:

  • elements of the lessons that provide engaging images, routines, and the practice needed to ensure success for each student;
  • tools for assessing students’ progress and adapting lessons based on assessments to meet individual and group needs;
  • cooperative-learning strategies that provide the practice and repetition to build math competencies;
  • support for administrators to monitor and improve program administration; and
  • administrative training in program monitoring and coaching.

Leadership Support

School leaders and SFAF coaches develop specific goals and monitor student progress. Every quarter, PowerTeaching Math teachers, school leaders, and SFAF coaches review student progress data. Goals and interventions for the following quarter are planned based on the data.

Online Team Spaces
To help support and refine schools PowerTeaching Math implementation, teachers work together to create a library of best practices that is designed to showcase exemplars that align to the PowerTeaching Math objectives.

Ongoing Coaching and Support

As the year progresses, you will have a variety of ways to work with your SFAF coach to review your progress and refine your goals including synchronous and asynchronous coaching via the PowerTeaching Online Hub.