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Leadership Supports

The Success for All Foundation has coaches serving SFA partnership schools across the country. Our coaching network is composed of former teachers, school leaders, principals, and superintendents.

Success for All Foundation coaches serve as partners in helping all students reach their maximum achievement potential. There are several structures in place at the Success for All Foundation designed to provide you with the support that you need to effectively implement SFAF programs.

The headquarters for the Success for All Foundation is located in Towson, Maryland, a suburb of Baltimore. The Baltimore office houses curriculum-development teams, researchers, training-development teams, a publications staff, the school support department, and more.

Each Success for All Foundation partner school in the United States falls into a geographic area and is assigned an area manager. Additionally, each SFAF school is assigned one or more point coaches who specializes in one or more program components. These individuals are the schools’ first points of contact with the Success for All Foundation and they ensure that other supports are made available as needed.

Keeping in touch with the SFAF point coach helps schools maintain a high-quality implementation. The relationship with Success for All Foundation coaches is developed through topic-specific workshops, school visits, telephone conferences, e-mail, online resources, and online data sharing. Personal and electronic points of contact between schools and SFAF coaches are the key to a strong implementation.

SFAF coaches monitor schools' math-achievement data via the Member Center. To consistently maintain student progress, SFAF coaches work with schools to create schoolwide and individual student-achievement goals through achievement planning, data reviews, and program monitoring.