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PowerTeaching Overview

Developed by the Success for All Foundation, PowerTeaching Math is an instructional approach that links Common Core, state standards, and school curricula to research-proven instructional strategies and classroom resources that promote rigor and student engagement.

PowerTeaching Math empowers students to work together to improve their understanding of mathematics concepts, and encourages them to take ownership of their learning during multiple opportunities for practice and evaluation. With over 25 years of reasearch, PowerTeaching has been demonstrated to increase academic success by establishing a student-centered classroom through the use of compelling concept presentations, assessments for learning, and student learning teams.

21st-Century Standards and Skills

The goal of PowerTeaching Math 3rd Edition is to prepare students for the rigorous demands of high school math skills. The Common Core State Standards and the commonly referenced twenty-first-century skills emphasize the importance of understanding meaning and being able to make connections in solving a variety of contextual problems. PowerTeaching Math 3rd Edition was developed, based on the Common Core State Standards, to promote college and career readiness in math. Each unit identifies and focuses on a set of math objectives aligned with the standards. PowerTeaching Math is also aligned with the four "Cs" as referenced by the Partnership for 21st-Century Skills: critical thinking and problem solving, communication, collaboration, and creativity and innovation. Cooperative-learning structures and routines provide daily opportunities for students to practice and refine both collaborative skills and speaking and listening skills in teamwork and class discussion. A clearly presented rubric outlines the expectiations/outcomes necessary for students to meet the standards and skills necessary to succeed in school as an informed citizen and in the workplace.


Click on the links below to view alignments of PowerTeaching Math to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics, the Iowa Core, the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, and the Virginia Standards of Learning.