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Official Partnerships

PowerTeaching is supported by the following institutions:

The Center for Educational Partnerships

The primary goal of The Center for Educational Partnerships at Old Dominion University is to is to make the best possible ideas and resources available to Virginia public school educators so we can fulfill our mutual mission of ensuring that every child has the opportunity to succeed in school and beyond. We are fortunate to be located in a Commonwealth with vast cultural, historical, natural, and scientific assets, but our greatest asset is the community of people from all walks of life who want to make a difference in the lives of children.


The Center for Educational Partnerships establishes collaborative educational enterprises with schools and school divisions that support dissemination of proven practices, rigorous field trials of promising models, and development and testing of innovative research-based models in collaboration with Old Dominion University's primary educational partners.


The Center for Educational Partnerships focuses its efforts on the following activities:

  • Developing broad-based partnerships with school divisions in the Hampton Roads area and greater Virginia.
  • Serving as a conduit through which Old Dominion University will endeavor to make available the best local, state, national, and international resources to the primary partners to fulfill our mutual obligation to assure academic achievement, development of responsible citizenship, and self-fulfillment of the youth served by our partner schools.
  • Pursuing selected inter-institutional and international educational partnerships that capitalize on identified areas of strength at ODU or enhance strategic relationships between these partners and the Hampton Roads community.

Click here to learn more about the Center for Educational Partnerships at ODU.

Success for All Foundation

The Success for All Foundation began almost 30 years ago at Johns Hopkins University, School of Education, with a program of federally funded research led by Drs. Robert Slavin and Nancy Madden. Researched by over 30 institutions for more than two decades, SFAF has been found to increase achievement, cut the achievement gap between African Americans, Hispanic, and White students, and prepare teachers to support the needs of English learners.


Over two million children have been introduced to our programs over the last 30 years. Thousands of educators, even those who were ambivalent in the beginning, have become committed and vocal advocates for SFAF.


The Foundation’s continued success over the years has garnered recognition on a national level.  Some of our recent recognitions include:

  • Granted the largest U.S. Department of Education’s Investing in Innovation scale up grant in 2010. Success for All was one of nearly 1,700 applicants to apply for the competition in its first year and one of just four to win a nearly $50 million scale-up grant, the highest award available.
  • Selected for S&I 100’s list in 2012. This list is an index of the top 100 nonprofits with evidence of results that are ready to grow and is managed by the Social Impact Exchange.
  • Success for All was one of five endorsed in 2013 by The Business Roundtable, an association of chief executive officers of leading U.S. companies working to promote sound public policy and a thriving U.S. economy through philanthropy. Success for All met the stringent set of criteria to prove effectiveness and capacity for being expanded.
  • Success for All was one of four endorsed in 2015 by ImpactMatters, a new initiative established to evaluate and rate not-for-profit organizations and their effectiveness, as “a powerful investment.” Success for All was the only organization selected focused on education.
  • PowerTeaching Math was recognized as a STEMworks program by Change the Equation (CTEq), a CEO-led initiative to cultivate wide-spread literacy in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) for every child. (http://www.successforall.org/Marketing-Pages/Press-Releases/PR_CTEq_7_01_15/)
  • PowerTeaching math was one of 11 programs selected by Iowa Governor’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Advisory Council to inspire thousands of students across the state in the 2016-2017 academic year.
  • PowerTeaching Math was awarded, through Old Dominion University, a $10 million dollar Investing in Innovation (i3) grant, which is part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.  The  program provided competitive grants to applicants with a record of improving student achievement,  closing achievement gaps, decreasing dropout rates, increasing high school graduation rates, or increasing college enrollment and completion rates.

SFAF’s story is not complete. We continue to push forward using research results to guide our path to transforming young lives.


Click here for more information about the Success for All Foundation.

The Center for Technology in Education (CTE)

The Center for Technology in Education (CTE) strives to improve the quality of life of all children and youth through teaching, research and leadership in the uses of technology. Whether it is by creating leading-edge online tools, managing data or developing high quality professional development, CTE works in innovative ways to promote high quality teaching and learning. CTE represents a unique partnership that combines the research, teaching and technology resources of the Johns Hopkins University and the leadership and policy support of the Maryland State Department of Education.


Over the years, CTE has honed its expertise in six critical areas: data-informed decision-making for leaders; evidence-based instruction; assistive technology; leadership development; online learning and communities of practice; and emerging technologies and tool development. Today CTE applies its knowledge and skills in these areas in a wide array of programs, projects and research activities that increase the capabilities of teachers, parents, schools and school administrators, with the end result the improvement of education for all children.


Click here for more information about CTE.