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What Students are Saying about PowerTeaching Math


“Last year, it was like, the class was just, like, crazy because we didn’t work together, we didn’t get the problem right and we get confused and we just decide to goof off, like, since we didn’t know the answer. Now this year, we could work together and ask each other the questions and we can work together to answer the questions and we can get better grades.”

-Luis, 7th grader, Hannah Penn Middle School



"It's good because when you need help and you didn't understand when the teachers taught it it helps when a teammate teaches it to you."

-7th-grade student, Great Bend Middle School



"Your teammate can actually walk you through the steps and you can get the answer."
"Cause if we don’t know something and they know the steps to it, they can always tell us how they got the answer and we can actually learn from that. We can get the steps easily."
"And also because it’s coming from another kid. And it’s more like their explanation and it can be easier for us to understand if it’s coming from another kid."

-Taylor and Lena, 7th graders, Stroudsburg Intermediate School


"If a person in your group doesn't know what they're doing, you're helping them by teaching them and by encouraging them.  Like, you got to, “Come on,” “You can do it,” and you explain to them, so you're getting them into motion and you can explain to them, at the end of the week, we get a prize, so it'll encourage them to work to get the points."

-Chauncey, 7th grader, Hannah Penn Middle School