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What Teachers are Saying about PowerTeaching Math


"Power teaching is the framework to help math teachers get to the “how” to teach that the Common Core Math  standards include.  The power of giving a proven framework to good teachers allows them to move beyond good to approaching great."

-John Popp (Director of Curriculum & Instruction), Great Bend School District



"Power Teaching has turned classrooms from being strictly teacher centered to student centered environments. The students are empowered to foster and facilitate their own learning. It provides students with multiple learning styles to be fully engaged in the lessons."

-Crystal Pope (School-based Coach), Academy of International Studies at Rosemont



"I have always felt that struggle while learning mathematics is necessary for students to deepen their understanding and make connections.  With Power Teaching, my students have resources they can turn to as they struggle to understand.  They see that classmates are also struggling which helps them realize they are not alone, and witness efforts to work through the difficulties.  They also have moments where they are able to be the resource for a classmate who is struggling.  Power Teaching has given me a vehicle for helping my students take on some of the responsibility for their learning, and it has afforded me opportunities to step away from the front of the classroom to listen to my students as they are learning."

-Gail Englert (School-based Coach), Blair Middle School



“Never before in my experiences in education and even for most of our teachers here and my conversations with them, have our students had an understanding that it’s okay not to know. Traditional classrooms were in the aspect where the teacher presents it, the students practice it, we make sure we have a level of understanding, and then we move on. PowerTeaching moves beyond that. It allows the children to share, to learn directly from their teacher, to share with their peers, to share with their teacher.”

-Craig Burden (Assistant Principal), Stroudsburg Intermediate School



"Power Teaching has given me the opportunity and support to guide my students to math success through cooperative learning. In the past, I’ve started the year with groups, gotten frustrated and given up. Now that I’ve stuck with it I have seen the power it holds for my students. I really see that power when a student does need some reteaching. From listening to their team talk I know who really has a grasp on the concept and so I know exactly who to pair the struggling student with. Instead of trying to work one on one with struggling students myself,  I’m now able to just facilitate several groups at once."

-Beth Rein, Great Bend Middle School



"PowerTeaching allows me to reach more students than I would through traditional teaching methods. I remember when I was in middle school and a teacher would explain concepts to the class in a way that no one understood; PowerTeaching allows students to "translate" ideas and instructions in a way that makes sense to their peers."

-Shannon Pipes, Blair Middle School



"Once I had Power Teaching in place and the students were clear in my expectations, my lessons flowed more smoothly and the students were much more engaged. They LOVE it when I walk around the room and listen in on their math conversations and award points  for cooperation goals. It motivates them to have meaningful conversation. And discipline has become much easier with the zero noise signal. I can get my crazy 6th and 7th graders quiet in less than a minute. Overall, the Power Teaching structure has been really positive for me."

-Amy Foleck, Northside Middle School



"We are all so used to so called “team work”, but in all reality we have just been doing group work.  PowerTeaching is a framework the ensures cooperative learning is taking place.  No student gets left behind, everyone is on task, and every student is held accountable.  When I see students working in their math classes, I students that are highly engaged and working together towards a common goal.  When I talk to students about how they feel about math, now that they work with the students in class, I get the same response; “It is so much easier now that I get to talk to people in class.”

-Kelsey Metro (Facilitator), Great Bend Middle School



"The PowerTeaching model offers consistency not only within my classroom, but also throughout the grade level and the school.  With an identified routine and clear expectations, students can easily transition from one teacher to another making future grade levels less threatening.  Additionally, PowerTeaching gives students the tools to increase their confidence in the subject matter by helping them develop the ability to justify their answers and work collaboratively with peers who are exploring the same material."    

-Carrie Johnson, Blair Middle School


“I have seen an increase in the understanding of the material with some of my students but I have really seen an effort to work together and an awareness of how to do that which I had not seen before. For example, we discussed our cooperation goal today- Active Listening- and talked about how it feels when someone is actively listening to you. The kids all replied something along the lines of, 'It makes me happy' or 'It makes me feel good'. Then we discussed how easy this goal is to accomplish and how great it makes others feel. It was like a light bulb went off in a few students minds. The way they acted in their groups that day changed. They even asked other teammates, 'Is that active listening?' It was great! As you can tell, I am excited about what PowerTeaching is doing in my class!”

-Elizabeth Jackson, Butler Area School District


"While the process of learning how to implement Power Teaching is rigorous, it is worth it given the vast amount of best practices you will learn to implement into one cohesive system of operating the learning community within your class. I have a class of struggling students. Through Power Teaching these students who were used to contributing little during team and class discussions have been given tools with this system that give them the confidence to contribute in class. We never have classes that 'drag on and on'. Time flies in class with this program because of the high level of academic interaction."

-Keith Moeder, Great Bend Middle School



"I have been teaching for 29 years and cooperative learning is how I use to teach when I first started.  I loved it then and I love it now.  At the beginning of this year I was truly thinking of making it my last.  Doing PowerTeaching has revived me and has made me excited to be in my classroom again.  I am home I can take what I am doing in math and do it in several other subject areas next school year.”

-Cindy Campbell, Chambersburg Area School District



"I think sometimes these children are a little hesitant to respond because sometimes they’re not always certain of the language, but once they hear other children talking, they become a little more confident and a little more secure.  They’re hearing the language, and then taking that, internalizing it, and learning to apply it"

-Thomas Delaney, York City School District


"I would absolutely recommend [PowerTeaching] because even as adults, we always feel like there’s safety in numbers, and when we’re approaching something that’s new, we’re all a bit fearful, but the children get that opportunity to work together to share really great ideas, but then they’re also held accountable individually, so they’re getting that group support, but they’re also being held accountable, and I find that I use the PowerTeaching techniques across the curriculum in every subject area."

-Brenda Delaney, Stroudsburg Intermediate School



 “I think in a classroom where the teacher’s using the PowerTeaching framework with fidelity, you’re going to see student engagement at a level that wouldn’t even come close to a traditional classroom. The teacher talk is much less; the student talk is multiple times greater. It’s a unique situation. The kids really take to the classroom, they take ownership of their own math now, they go out of their way to help each other, and it spills over into other classrooms, which really makes it unique and interesting.”

-Jane Hines (Assistant Principal), Hannah Penn Middle School



"As I continue to become more dedicated to the process of PowerTeaching, I am finding that it is taking less time to do the routine tasks, allowing more time for instruction.  The students enjoy having the responsibility, evoking a sense of pride in even the simplest of accomplishment. Another observation I’ve seen as a benefit to the process is that the students really understand the importance of teamwork contributing to the outcome of team success.  They are finally at a point where they understand the effort put into teamwork directly coincides with the end result of team rewards.”

-Kathy Hill, York City School District